Mockingbird Mobile Cinema


Small, intimate screenings of experimental and Avant-Garde film and new media in various venues highlighting area organization hosted by Mockingbird Media & Arts, and curated by Brenda L. Burmeister.


Four local artists, two great organizations: one night of intriguing film and new media experience at an unusual venue.  Each month, Mockingbird Mobile Cinema screens video, and new media at various venues collaborating with organizations to present poignant programs based on pertinent themes. This is a Tricentennial 2018 sponsored event. 

Submit your work for consideration here.     More on Events here.


Music In The Dark

Saturday,  Feb. 3, 2018 
19110 Huebner Road, San Antonio, Texas 78258
6:30-9 PM  (films and new media is ongoing)  artist talk at 8 PM Free, but tickets required 

Mockingbird Mobile Cinema and the Landing  present “Music in the Dark: The Power of Music to Evoke Memory”

This February join us at The Landing at Stone Oaks to explore the power of music and memory.  The Landing at Stone Oaks specializes in providing quality care for those affected by dementia. The Landing is also the home of the Music in  Residency Program, the first inter-generational music program in Texas.  Snacks are provided.  Q & A with the artists at 8:30.

The Width and Breadth of Narrative

in San Antonio Film and New Media

Saturday,  March 3, 2018 1028 N. Flores St. San Antonio, TX  78212 
7-9 PM  (films and new media is ongoing)  artist talk at 8 PM FREE

Mockingbird Mobile Cinema and FISHEAD Microgallery present “The Width and Breadth of Narrative”

 This March join us at FISHEAD Microgallery to witness how San Antonio artists interpret and challenge narrative storytelling. FISHEAD Microgallery is housed in what used to be ‘The Rainbow’, a 1930’s dinner club in one of San Antonio’s oldest neighborhoods—Five-Points.The Microgallery plays host to a myriad of art “happenings” such as guerrilla art shows, artist collaborations, house concerts, and more.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Saturday,  April 7, 2018 1023 N Pine Street San Antonio, TX  78202
 8:00-10:00  PM  artist talk at 9:00 PM FREE

Mockingbird Mobile Cinema and Ella Austin Community Garden  present “How Does Your Garden Grow?  Films and New Media Meditations on Personal & Botanical Growth in Hard Times. “

This April  join us at Ella Austin Community Gardens  for an outdoor screening. Ella Austin Community Gardens fosters community through providing gardens and workshops for the Dignowity Hill neighborhood. Artworks focus on the theme of thriving among scarcity.

MotherHouse 2018

Saturday,  May 5, 2018 119 Dreiss Street San Antonio, TX  78203
7-9 PM  (films and new media is ongoing)  artist talk at 8 PM FREE

Mockingbird Mobile Cinema and Wallflower Farm and Garden present “MotherHouse 2018: Film and New Media Art Meditations on Motherhood.”

This May join us at Wallflower Farm and Garden to celebrate the highs and lows of motherhood with artwork by San Antonio natives. Nestled in the heart of Denver Heights in a preciously preserved Victorian home, Wallflower Farm and Garden event space feature fairy gardens and unique spaces. With a feminist nod to Judy Chicago ‘s 1970’s conceptual collaborative work Womanhouse, artists have transformed the home to be an activated space exploring modern issues of motherhood.

I Call This Home: Personal Reflections on Immigration

Saturday,  June  2, 2018 7-9 PM  (films and new media is ongoing)  artist talk at 8 PM

Mockingbird Mobile Cinema presents “I Call This Home: Personal Reflections on Immigration”

 What makes a home? Who deserves a home? How can one make a home? Explore these questions with innovative work on the theme by San Antonio artists.

Can You Hear Me????? 

Saturday,  July 7, 2018 2911 N St Mary’s St San Antonio, TX  78212
8-10 PM  (films and new media is ongoing)  artist talk at 9:30 PM

Mockingbird Mobile Cinema and La Botanica present “Can You Hear Me?????  LGBTQ Voices”

This July  join us at La Botanica to experience fresh voices from San Antonio local artists working in film and new media. Artists from a spectrum of ages will reflect on LGBTQ identity and concerns. La Botanica, founded and operated by San Antonio natives, features healthy and innovative Vegan fare, focus on community building.


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