Artist, teacher, curator. Above all, I consider myself a metaphor maker- drawing parallels between personal insights and universal experience, between a simple action and a complicated truth, and between you and me.In Process

I consider myself a reluctant conceptual artist. I traffic in stories, mostly my own, but I have been known to studiously collect heartbreaking narratives from strangers via post. Or even steal my voyeuristic images from campsites and the internet. There was also that time I swore off stories altogether for an alienating digital excavation of my ancestor’s obsession with labeling the natural world. Yup, there is a flatworm  (not to mention beetles, frog, bird, and porpoise) named Burmeisteri.

I am also the owner of Mockingbird Media and Art, LLC which specializes in community-based media and art education events like The MotherHouse, Restore Art Show, and AR Bombing premiering Augmented Reality art from over 50 San Antonio area teens at Luminaria 2017. Mockingbird Mobile Cinema 2018 is a roving series of experimental film screenings in the San Antonio area.

I have fancy, expensive degrees, my writing, film, and new media works have been internationally, but I still often worry art is not powerful enough. You can read my brag all about it here.  

I am also a 5th generation Texan and a single mother to three peculiar, brilliant children.