Artist Statement


Artist Statement

My artwork marries several mediums including video, film, and interactive new media. It is characterized by an unusually raw aesthetic with visceral images. I look to experimentally visualize the delicate, albeit ordinary, moments of fissures and connections within the family unit particularly in the context of single motherhood. I delve into how the confluence of inheritance, relationships, and memory shape our narratives and how a mother’s narrative further twines with that of her children’s.

My personal experiences are portrayed with uncommon vulnerability and unflinching resolve often using fragmented text both to reveal and to withhold information. In disclosing mine and other’s stories, I seek to elicit a broader conversation about intimacy and exposure in context to societal pressures and families.  It is crucial to me that my work is accessible and unpretentious, inviting the public to engage, interact, and experience it. Above all, I consider myself a metaphor maker- drawing parallels between personal insights and universal experience, between a simple action and a complicated truth, and between you and me.

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