Links to video and film files on request.

Image by Brenda L Burmeister  from film transfer, 1999.

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 9.12.59 AM

I Have To Close My Eyes

2015 Screenings: Athens International Film +Video Festival , Indie Grits, Experiments in Cinema (Artist in Attendance)

I Hav

The dislocation between memory and documentation, the slippage between fact and fiction: sometimes, family lore and love stories fashion a more alluring and seamless story than the actual one.

 Family lore painted my naturalist ancestor with pride for his scientific accomplishments in his adopted Brazil. In fact, research suggests he was an ass. The juxtaposition between memory and documentation creates alluring tension, which I married to fragments of a poem written in the aftermath of my  love affair with digitally excavated images of the Burmeisteri beetle which my ancestor named 150 years ago.

A Date with Your Family

2015 Screenings:  Athens International Film +Video Festival, Indie Grits

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 6.37.18 PM.png

The tensions and expectations surrounding the family dinner through personal insights, statistics, and television commercials from the last fifty years.

Clinging and Grasping

2013 Screenings: SEFF Binghamton, Duke Arts Showcase


A conceptual meditation on time and being present in the moment while expounding on the metaphysical dilemma of feeling lost in the dark. The evocative images transcend the mundane moments of dog walking, commuting, getting dressed, brushing teeth, and blowing out a candle.


2013 Screenings: SEFF Binghamton,  Experimental Film Festival, Portland (Director’s Pick Award)

A video which reckons with loss and growth after a family move. It is a fluxes inspired video about change, a textured exploration of family, and ultimately a performance piece where I reckon with the power I have to “upend” my family’s lives. Moments of surprising humor, acceptance, and raw truth surface with each response.

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